An Australian election on the horizon in a world going mad.


I almost hate to do it, but the first section is going to be about Donald Trump. It’s hard not to bring him up at the moment even when talking about Australian politics, as he has captured the world stage as not only a force of nature, but the most glaring and obvious windsock for the political discourse.

In recent times, Barack Obama has failed dismally to show leadership or more often the wrong kind of leadership on a number of issues ranging from the gun debate to the Iran deal to his inaction in Syria. It’s looking now like the only real legacy he’ll be leaving is a series of hastily compiled executive orders which will likely be struck down in the senate next year and an already failing Obamacare system which will require some serious consideration by the next president elect. There’s too much money that needs to be poured into the system to allow it to just be another sucking chest wound in the as of now non-existent US budget.

However, with Trump’s rise in the primary votes across so many states already and his recent nomination by Christie, he’s definitely looking like the Republican candidate that will stand for election in November. The numbers of voters look so good in fact that he’s already outclassing both Democrat candidates in polls and turnout to the primaries – many of whom are firmly in either the Bernie or Hillary camp. Neither one will secure ALL of those votes, many will not vote Hillary if Bernie isn’t the nominee and vice versa. It could well be that Donald Trump became president the moment he uttered the notorious words “illegal immigration”.

An electorate in the US sick of both major parties and some terrible calculation on the part of left-wing politicos of the value of minority radical politics, which in recent years has turned into anti-semitism and calls for violence. Even Hillary who early in her campaign apologised to Black Lives Matter for saying “all lives matter”, was recently called out as a racist (again) at one of her town halls by black lives matter supporters, nothing seems to please them and that’s right nothing does. Another got her to read out her own racist quote from 1996 on camera.

Not dissimilar treatment to Bernie when they stole his podium to cry on stage.

The Democratic party seem to have completely underestimated the malice and need to lash out at everyone and anyone that many of the groups like black lives matter and intersectional feminists and marxists require.

The reason for the rise of Trump is the politically correct attitudes of all of the presidents from Bill Clinton on down and all of the nominees on both sides of the aisle, and most prominently the left. After all it was George W Bush who first stood there saying that Islam was the “Religion of Peace”, a slogan that is met now days with derision and laughter. The left’s requirement in the US to cling to these modes of thought and speech and indeed build upon them has left many liberals and libertarians with nowhere to turn but to Trump.

In the UK the feeling is not dissimilar, as the rallies for groups like PEGIDA and UKIP grow larger as the date for the referendum on the British exit of the EU looms closer. Of course their lean to the right doesn’t come merely from disillusionment with the major parties – which definitely exists – but with plain fear of being unable to control their borders which Angela Merkel has put at such risk with her seemingly naive immigration policy and probable benefits to the market in the UK if they do leave.

Stories like Rotherham where 1400 girls were groomed and sold into sexual slavery and prostitution over 10 years, not just with police knowledge – but complicity – with the Muslim community has it seems left the nation in a state of disbelief. Even some British citizens seem incapable of believing it has really happened.

The treatment of people like Tommy Robinson has also left many with a bad taste in their mouths, and others with a feeling of “something has to give”. Certainly, that is the mood in the UKIP and #Brexit circles at the moment, and they know exactly what it is that’s going to give – the EU membership.

Despite the scare tactics on the part of big business and loyal Cameron supporters (which seem to be diminishing by the hour) people are simply not buying what they are selling. Indeed some of the scare tactics have become outright ludicrous and are sent around as meme’s to be laughed at across the world.

However, what does all of this mean for Australia?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment in the Australian political landscape of a double dissolution or an election around the end of the year. (January would be the specific election date, but is usually avoided due to the holiday). So, unless there’s a double dissolution by May, we’ll be looking forward to a November election which would include the senate.

At present looking at conservative parties, only the Australian Liberty Alliance appears on the radar at all. The ALA has come from somewhat humble beginnings as a not for profit group called the Q society of Australia. This small band has since flourished as a more and more popular political organisation under the ALA banner.

Probably the most talked about figure in the Alliance right now is Kirralie Smith. She started out as your average punter who just decided to look into Halal food in the supermarket and then worked out a system whereby people could look products up to see if they were Halal certified. The reason behind this is that Halal certification costs money, and that money is added onto the cost of the product. Even products like Vegemite are not immune.

There is still a very open debate and many questions to be answered regarding what happens to the funds as well. Halal certification companies throw kickbacks to southeast asian Halal certification franchises and money also leaves the country to fund schools and mosques in Indonesia and other countries.

However, last week Kirralie also unveiled a request to the Government for a moratorium on Immigration from OIC countries for 10 years. The OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) includes most major Islamic majority countries in the world. The OIC is responsible for creating the “Cairo declaration of human rights in Islam” which has 2 very problematic clauses the first of which accepts only human rights which are subject to Shariah law, and the second which states that sharia is the only source of reference for any clarification of any of the rights in the declaration. A problematic document at best, designed to circumvent international law and human rights.

Even though in the past 2 months the ALA membership has tripled, you have to wonder if the ALA have a chance at seats. Halal and a statement seeking a moratorium on immigration alone will not dislodge voters from their usual pundits, even with the poor choices for Prime Minister of both major parties at the moment.

Remember our distance from the troubles of Europe – we simply don’t feel the danger or see the imperative that they do, and our plain lack of interest in politics for most people in the country keeps people feeling apathetic. American voters do not have to vote – thereby assuring that everyone who does vote actually cares about the political process, whereas we are required to vote. Changing people from their usual political party in Australia is like asking someone to try another type of beer which might not be their usual, they have to actually think about it, something people hate doing. It’s just safer to go with the one you know or follow the crowd if you’re young and have no idea what to order.

All of this makes it much harder to swing voters to your way of thinking away from the popular narratives of the major parties.

In a time when the headlines around the world are crying out regarding the immigrants in Europe, the Cologne attacks, the awful betrayal of the girls in Rotherham, the to and fro of the #Brexit rallies, PEGIDA marches and the antics of the Republican nominations, our headlines are about “Fish with legs leaves Fisherman baffled” and “model accidentally showed boob on the catwalk” as frontpage news.

We might as well be on another planet.

In order to really swing voters who are sick of the Liberal party’s cuckiness (Section 18C is still standing) and scared to death of Labour’s left-wing insanity (inherited somewhat from America), the ALA really has to come out swinging long before any election date on issues that are real and matter to everyday people.

They should in my opinion, learn a lesson from Donald Trump’s campaign and show people you are willing to bring out the rarely spoken truth without apology, and stand up for it on their behalf. Learn from the shock and awe that Merkel’s Bombshell left in Europe making the Brits sit up and take notice.

Failing that they could show a boob, that gets the average punters’ notice too apparently.

2 thoughts on “An Australian election on the horizon in a world going mad.

  1. Heaven forbid that Kirralie have a wardrobe malfunction, although that would certainly get attention!
    As a member, and a minor donor, I too am worried that the ALA has such a low political profile at present. The general ignorance of Islam in our population is really sad. I hate to say it, but a serious Islamic atrocity may be what it will take for people to start to wake up. Even then, due to the need for votes, politicians will be afraid to call out Islam, and attribute outrages to lone wloves or nutters, like after the Martin Place event. The country seems to be sleepwalking to it’s own demise, with rational criticism of Islam being banned, lest Muslim cry babies be offended (18C). This is what happens when political correctness says all cultures are fine, and “who are we to judge?”. Religion of peace? I don’t think so.


    • Damn, to be honest when I wrote that I was really worried people would misread it as me meaning Kirralie – I didn’t, I meant the ALA lol

      I asked Kirralie what she thought and she didn’t bring it up so I guess she knew what I meant 😉

      And yeah I completely agree with you, I have mentioned to her a few times now – it’s nice to have policies but you really need a smoking gun on Islam. Personally, I think the child bride issue should be looked into further. The Sharia courts are central to much of their cultural spread and ignoring the law of the land. Those should be banned.

      On the other hand in a choice between our two “leaders” at present, people might go looking around and find the ALA through that process.


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