Why the MSM doesn’t understand Trump.



It’s Super Tuesday and I’m watching my twitter feed fly by with hundreds of reporters, activists and supporters of the various candidates going into the voting. I watch again and again as what has become more an “anti-trump” movement and less of a “pro-anything else” movement tries to derail Trump through his stance that nothing is off the table and that all of this is in the early stages and requires a fair bit of pragmatism.

“No Battle Plan survives contact with the enemy.” – Helmuth von Moltke

If Trump were to be elected, he’d suddenly be finding himself awash with the daily grind of appointing people to positions of oversight, departments and watchdogs. He’d be looking at a senate infamous at this point in not voting for some of the most easy no-brainer legislation in history and likely have to repeal most if not all of Obama’s hastily scrawled executive orders to date as well as whatever other else he comes up with between now and November. Compromise is inevitable.

When having to deal with the committees, focus groups, dimplomats and senators obviously things might change. And let’s face it, did anyone really expect him to just sign an order asking for buses to turn up to south-east Los Angeles and bus 11 million Mexicans back to Tijuana his first week ?

I think most people would be happy to see that he’s sending a clear message to Mexicans who cross the border – you will not be gaining from your illegal activity. It’s a simple action – enforce the law. The people’s law.

So what is it about this that the mainstream media just doesn’t understand? Their constant rhetoric based on the Trump camp’s management of people’s expectations of what he’s going to do is so incredibly see through.

Let’s get something straight. Trump could do NOTHING and so long as he was still routing the GoP and scaring the hell out of the Democrats people would STILL vote for him.

This is not an election about any particular policy, so much as it has plenty to do with the way the election, and politics in general is run.

Political Correctness went out the window (and so did Jeb’s campaign) the moment Trump walked on stage and uttered the words “Illegal Immigration” – words the last Mexican president wouldn’t even acknowledge when dealing with America. People LOVED it.

The people, the voters, and the viewers of mainstream media are sick to death of Politically correct narratives put together so as not  to criticize people who obviously need to be criticized.

So you can imagine that when Jake Tapper and friends decide to jump all over Trump regarding a so-called endorsement by David Duke, people were not happy. It has been a long time tactic of the democrats to attach republican politicians with the KKK whenever possible to make them seem like racists. Which is an irony considering the source of the KKK itself – democrats.

A ridiculous claim in Trump’s case, whose own daughter converted to Judaism.

I think it’s pretty clear Trump has already said he would not accept an endorsement by David Duke anyway. He pleaded that he was working with a bad earpiece when speaking to Jake Tapper. A claim easily googled and indeed as of August last year he stated very clearly that he didn’t want an endorsement and wouldn’t accept an endorsement from David Duke.

“I don’t need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement,” Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. He added: “I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/donald-trump-doesnt-want-david-duke-endorsement-121784#ixzz41gW7YkMp

I have to wonder if it was the David Duke part of those two sentences they didn’t like, or the last part “I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.” which scare the establishment the most?

Then the video from David Duke himself was released “I never endorsed Trump. Stop Lying.” You’d think this was pretty definitive, but no.

This didn’t stop various and sundry tweeting and re-tweeting the lies that Trump wouldn’t repudiate the endorsement including of course Jake Tapper himself.

Then the very next day, “rumors” circulate about a secret tape that the New York Times is sitting on where Trump has allegedly said he’s not going to be able to deport the 11 million illegals. Now people conflate that with “Will he build the wall? Who knows?”

This is another example of the mainstream media lying and attempting to tear down the front runner of this election, not because Trump has done something wrong, but because he doesn’t represent the back room politics they represent in order to cling onto power in politics.

Well they’re going to need something better than “He might’ve said the wrong thing” to dissuade people from Trump. The fact that he’s not going to behave and adhere to their low standards is well known already.



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