The soul-shredding irony of Republican Ideologues.

I have followed quite a few different Republican talking heads of the years, and it is incredibly amusing in the past few weeks of watching Trump rise to power within the Republican base.

In the past 24 hours we’ve seen an amazing amount of accusations and counter-accusations, however this has only given voice to those opposing Trump in the most ironic fashion.

First a video showing absolutely nothing was shown as “evidence” of an assault on Michelle Fields by Corey Lewandowski. It showed nothing, and those who had jumped the gun on accusing Lewandowski and thereby Trump seemed quelled.

Now a second version of the video has been released from anther angle showing – once again – nothing. Now because there’s a new video all those same people are raising their hands and voices again to scream that this is proof. Here’s the slow-motion version of it for you to look at.


The possibility of the secret service man (with the crewcut) seems far more likely to have done it – as he reaches far to his left there for SOMETHING seems lost on these pundits.

I think the reasons are obvious, Ben Shapiro being one of the leading fools in this particular march.



You see, Trump is just not Ben’s kind of neo-Conservative. Without gigantic support for Israel at every level of every speech, you’re just not going to get the backing of a Ben Shapiro.

It’s funny though because it was only a few weeks back that Ben found himself on someone else’s shit-list when SJW’s attempted to no-platform a speech he was going to make at California State University. You see at that time, Ben didn’t like the underhanded tricks nor the physical intimidation that were used against him by leftist exemplars of the faith.

However, now when someone is saying something Ben doesn’t like – it’s amazing how the shoe goes on the other foot. Not in terms of physical intimidation, however certainly in terms of over-inflating the smallest problem or mistake made by the Trump campaign. And absolutely when it comes to the misinformation Ben would like to spread far and wide.

Ben falls short of ACTUALLY printing misinformation himself, however he doesn’t mind retweeting lies that other people say. Here he is on the Trump/KKK silliness a week ago.

Of course anyone with sense could do a quick google to see trump had in fact disavowed David Duke and the KKK months before. Trump said he had a bad earpiece and couldn’t hear the question properly. Fair enough.

However, for Ben it couldn’t stop there, retweet after retweet he sent for days spreading all the misinformation he could get his hands on saying that Trump was pro-KKK. Now again spearheading the calls for Trump to fire his campaign manager during the primaries over a video which shows nothing, in fact which shows that the Secret Service Agent was probably the one who grabbed Michelle.

Now, I actually like Ben, he’s smart and knows his stuff. However, he hasn’t once explained to us how it is that Cruz and little Marco being pro-TPP, pro-amnesty, indifferent on border control, indifferent about trade and the economy and indifferent about jobs is somehow “Real Conservative Politics”.

He hasn’t explained how those positions are “Real Republican positions”.

I’ll tell you what we’d all be listening to if Trump had not run for president. We’d be listening to Black Lives Matter activists telling all and sundry how there was a race problem in the country, and magically Hillary Clinton would have all the answers to all of those questions almost as if they had colluded in making them. We’d be talking about increasing the funding for obama care and welfare payments to immigrants, minorities and possibly women, and more visa’s for immigrant workers. We’d be talking about how university campuses should trial a “Yes means Yes” preponderance of evidence based kangaroo court system because entirely too many male students falsely accused of rape are getting off scot-free. We’d be aghast at the rhetoric of “rape culture” being repeated over and over by both Bernie and Hillary – which they have been doing – just nobody has been watching it.

We would not be talking about Trump, we’d be wondering which of the obviously stupid choices people would have to make to try and stopgap the next decade against another ideologue from the left-wing nutjob circus.

However, Ben cannot see any of that, and what’s more doesn’t care. He only cares that his precious ideology isn’t being pandered to and forced upon the American people – like so many other journalists and GoP deal makers and this makes him furious.

So now I’m sitting here watching a riot by race baiting Black Lives Matter, Hillary and Bernie supporters no platforming trump and calling him a racist.

It almost makes you wonder where they get these ideas doesn’t it Ben?

Ben: Facts don’t care about your feelings.


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