‘Twas ever thus, and ever thus shall be.

I cannot help but feel a little bit of a bittersweet victory on this issue – as I wrote about it on the 12th of March (Link: here). Today both Ben Shapiro and Michelle Fields have quit Breitbart over the scandal that erupted when Michelle claimed that Trump campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski had pulled her down when she tried to ask a question of Donald Trump.

After the ensuing allegation Ben Shapiro went on national television calling everyone and anyone associated with Donald Trump a thug.

A new video has come to light here it is.

Edit: The above video it seems has been taken down by Anonymous. Here’s a GIF of the moment where the two touched.

It can be plainly seen that not only did Mr Lewandowski not grab Michelle in a rough manner, but she was not pulled to the ground or any kind of unnecessary roughness take place in view of the camera – as was claimed by Michelle. She was merely moved aside by Lewandowski, which while perhaps annoying to her, was far from the crime she suggested was committed and later filed charged against him for.

Not only this, but she looked right at him AS HE DID IT. She knew EXACTLY who had grabbed her, she lied, utterly and completely.

The bittersweet part of the story of course is the fact that Ben Shapiro got caught up in this disaster. While I do think Ben has completely gone off the reservation regarding Trump, he has an incredibly sharp mind – at any other time in history – regarding politics and I think his usually well thought out political discourse will in the long run be missed.

As far as Michelle is concerned I hope the door doesn’t hurt her ass too much on the way out as someone is likely to kick the door as she goes through it.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about that though.

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