Is Donald Trump a joke overseas or is the joke on America?


The media has often been espousing the view that Donald Trump is indeed a joke overseas, and bring on all kinds of politico’s and journalists to profess that it’s true. I wonder how many of them work for Rupert Murdoch though?

I live in Sydney, Australia. Rupert Murdoch owns 3 out of 5 of the free to air Television stations and 50% of the only cable company in the country (you wonder why we pirate) as well as numerous papers and magazines.

In the past month or so the media in Australia has been ramping up anti-Trump stories on a daily basis, knowing the internet is such a prolific spreader of ideas, it makes sense to saturate as much of the conversation as possible with negativity.

Much like Britain, we have our own publicly owned broadcaster – the ABC – a supposedly unbiased media outlet for news and current affairs. However, like the BBC in Britain it is a constant fount of shameless left-wing propaganda.

As a result, the very worst of Donald Trump has been projected to Australia on a daily basis. From repetition of him being responsible for the protesters in Chicago to constant repeats of “what he really thinks about women”.

Whether people think of him as a joke or not, I cannot say. However, I can absolutely say what people think of America at this point in history.

America is weak.

This isn’t some left wing diatribe coming from someone trying to stir up opposition to America, nor is it a pro-Trump hedge to sway opinion. It’s merely a statement of fact.

In recent weeks here in Australia we have had released a Defence whitepaper which is usually done every 4-6 years. These whitepapers are a long term strategy document and budgetary reports covering 20 years defining both our role in the region, with our allies and for defence of our nation. This year’s report had an entirely different tone however.

We are expected to uphold our end of our treaties with the USA and other allies by upscaling our military to defend shipping and domain of allies in the region. Of course we have always done this, but honestly, the lion’s share of this job has always been taken up by the USA. The reasoning why from a foreign relations point of view is simple – it is as important to be seen to be doing this job as it is to actually have the job done.

However, this whitepaper shows Australian military spending should increase to include JTF Air assets and a dozen new submarines, spending up to $195 billion over the next 10 years. Probably a drop in the bucket to American eyes, but to Australia this represents a huge outlay in terms of GDP and strategic risk taking.

This isn’t the only thing of course. Most people would not have even noticed this change, and indeed it was in and out of the papers within a week. Most people are uninterested and conversation regarding military matters in Australia is somewhat one-sided.

Also, this is not exactly a smoking gun of American weakness, only an eyebrow raiser of sorts. Something that you could wonder about but only give conjecture.

However, there are enough things that cannot be disputed at all. America hasn’t won a war, a fight or even a small intervention in a long, long time. It doesn’t matter where you look, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan or Iraq, and even smaller issues of Panama and Mexico.

America might well have “completed mission objectives” in many of those places, but the greater reason for them being there was left unchanged, and in most cases became far far worse than when they started. Every one of these itinerant “missions” ended up an embarrassing devolution of public support, morale, political capital, money and post-war cleanup.

Indeed the mess in places like Somalia prompted not only the US to need to pull out, but also the UN, leaving hundreds of thousands of people to be starved to death by strategic food rationing on the part of local warlords.

I had to laugh at the most recent state of the union address where Barack Obama stated that America had the greatest Military in the world “it’s not even close” to a standing ovation and loud cheers from the crowd both republican and democrat. Pure jingoism and a belief in American exceptionalism that just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny when one factors in the simple outcomes of using that military over the past 30 years.

Not that I believe for a second that this is a fault inside the American soldier. It’s not. Any research into some of these travesties points not at the fault of soldiers or officers, but at Washington and at times at the social landscape of America.

I used the example of Somalia above, so let’s have a look at that.

Major General Garrison had in fact asked for APC’s and a C-130 gunship to be on standby before the Blackhawk Down incident, this was denied by Washington specifically for political reasons. This falls on the head of Bill Clinton.

Mark Bowden wrote about Garrison in his book “Blackhawk Down” saying “He is the finest leader an operator could ask for. It wasn’t a shame that his career was derailed after our deployment; it was a criminal act committed by political cowards.”

This is not unlike the Benghazi incident where again another Clinton refused to give the proper support to people on the ground for political reasons.

America isn’t weak because people don’t want to pick up a gun and fight for it, America is weak because no one in Washington is fighting for it, and this can be seen around the world very clearly. However, most of us don’t get American TV to watch each day to dissuade us from this particular notion.

Again, with the uprising of “Radical Islam” people cannot even get Barack Obama to call it “Radical Islam” – a term I think which is sidestepping the issue of Islam itself in my opinion. It is STILL too soft a term for what is actually happening.

The inaction over ISIS and the “Caliphate” in Raqqa we are told is because it is “Contained”, however security analysts and researchers around the world disagree thoroughly. Raqqa currently is a beacon to every terrorist organisation, jihadist and malcontent in the Islamic world. It is a call to jihad that is spanning the globe.

Here is a map depicting the currently tracked 43 groups (including Boko Haram) who have sworn allegiance to or pronounced their support for ISIS around the world at present and their countries of operation.



The levels of support around Singapore and the Malaysian peninsula are now dangerous enough that the Singaporean government is expecting Paris style attacks at any time.

There are now more than 700 fighters from Indonesia and over 200 fighters from Malaysia fighting in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS is many things, but contained is not one of them.

So the question remains “Is Donald Trump considered a joke around the world?”

My answer is that if he is, it will be because of the anti-democratic forces working within America to make him seem one. The same forces which lauded the gimmick of a “First Black President” as a new age of enlightenment 8 years ago, and I fear the same forces which will do the same with a new gimmick of “First Female President” this year.

If anything is a joke right now, it’s the lack of American will to do what is right.

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