Hillary Clinton’s Hall of Faces.


Apart from the more obvious issues Hillary has in the current campaign, like her email scandal, her Clinton Foundation scandal and various and sundry others (there’s literally too many to list) she has a huge perception problem.

Say what you like about Donald Trump, but he loves America. Noone is in doubt of this are they? Even people like Bryan Cranston are on the record saying that. Trump might say many things that people don’t like, but he does so with the dead certainty of a man who has thought about the big picture and doesn’t care about a few sentences that might be out of whack.

“Lead me, Follow me, or get out of my way.” – George S. Patton

Donald Trump is on record back as far as 1980 saying exactly the same things he’s saying right now. He’s tired of seeing other countries ripping America off, he wants someone as president who can do the job properly. It’s a very simple idea, one that has been thrown on the heap labelled “Naivety” by the political hegemony for decades.

Making America “Great” cannot be done by someone who doesn’t love America. There’s not going to be the sudden and blindingly intuitive political move by Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton or their ilk that would bring about such an outcome. All they could possibly do is change a few hundred billion dollars from one ledger to another and crow about it for 8 years.

Although I absolutely disagree with the ideas of socialism or the idea that statism can work, Bernie Sanders is right about one thing – Revolution is required to make real change. Obama promised it, but was at heart one of the established candidates. Like branding a bowl of oatmeal “caviar” and thinking that would assuage the craving.

American “greatness” might be a subjective reality, but it can still be one shared by Americans. Certainly their “not-so-greatness” is also a shared reality at the moment.

:“Men did not love Rome because she was great.

She was great because they had loved her.” – G.K. Chesterton.

This is the reality I think that many in the NeverTrump movement do not care about at all. Most of them object to Donald Trump not because he’s not pro-Israel (which he is), but because he isn’t unquestioningly so.

Many of them seem not so interested in the history of Donald Trump’s statements nor his stands on many issues, but in the fact that he hasn’t adhere’d to the neocon philosophy that both parties usually aspire to.

Hillary Clinton is probably far more in line with their ways of thinking than either Bernie Sanders or Trump. And this my friends is the Crux of it.

Hillary Clinton only cares about Hillary Clinton.

Even staunch Democrat voters like John Stewart have said that her main problem is that she has no real convictions. Other pundits have commented upon how far left Bernie Sanders had dragged her policies.

This of course is only really possible if you don’t have convictions about what those policies should be.

The Democratic party has been leaning further and further left over the decades to the point where we’re now discussing bathroom privledge as it applies to the 0.000002% of people who might have issues of this kind – Hillary has made the long trek to this point from started out working for people in the Democrats who were in FAVOUR of racial segregation.

This is someone who has no real convictions.

Could anything be more glaring than her recent bridge building to Bush Donors?

“Their message to moderate Republicans: She will represent your values better than Trump.”

And while those in #NeverTrump might say

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

I’d remind people that

“If you have none you’re already there.”

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