Why “whiteness” and Western Civilization cannot be separated.


Over the course of the past decade or more we have heard the argument over and over for multi-racial and sexually diverse roles in Hollywood and the workforce.

Whether it is black spiderman, female ghostbusters or the first female president, we are told diversity is necessary. The main reason for this has been stated as “people need role models that they can relate to.”

Even during the recent presidential election, women who were interviewed said over and over “It will be a wonderful thing to have the first woman president, imagine the example that will give to younger girls.”

Living and leading by example is without a doubt one of the basis of civilization as we know it. The exemplification of moral and ethical concern, choices and standards is how we learn to participate with each other peacefully, and even enjoy a sense of community with each other.


So how is it then that someone who cannot gain these moral or ethical lessons from a straight white Spiderman, can turn around and gain the moral, ethical or philosophical lessons from a straight white George Washington? An Abraham Lincoln? Or even a Christopher Columbus?

They can’t and they know it. The more we allow foreign interests into our nations the less those nations will be able to extol the virtues, standards and culture they were built upon.


This is already playing out across the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, as no-go zones, and Sharia Courts are set up. Suicide attacks become more common place and freedom and democracy are thrown aside for laws and restrictions that curb all of the natural rights of their original european populations.

The irony here of course is that many people coming here for the outcomes that only western civilization seems to be able to deliver, then want to change it so that it reflects the failed civilization that they came from.


This isn’t only true of Islamic or Multicultural immigrants – Socialists across the United States and other western nations have been raising their heads to change even further the system to reflect values it wasn’t built upon. These many faceted attacks on the civilization at large can only be described as a number of different groups who looking to Western wealth and hard fought for privileges see the liberal political and social landscape as an opportunity to attempt to take over a system that they could never build themselves.

Socialism and Communism are both failed ideologies that elites in the western world continue to wish to promote. After all – even in Russia the changes between communism and democratic capitalism didn’t really change the people at the very top. The same people who owned land, or owned a factory during the communist regime of the USSR still do so today. The same would be true of changing to a socialist or communist regime. Elites at the very top wouldn’t change, only the populations’ rights and living standards would.

It is about time America, Australia, Canada and the rest of the west got a hold of these many ideological forces that are attempting to claim a house that they never built.

It is past time to take back the Universities and end Multi-culturalism.

One thought on “Why “whiteness” and Western Civilization cannot be separated.

  1. Multiculturalism is the slow demise of the West. Favorability status is given to the immigrant who comes in massive numbers. The white populace is relegated to appeasing these invaders. Invaders brought in by liberal governments. Welfare rolls increase because of them, paid for by the established citizenry. Violent crime increases and safety is at low points. Assimilation should be prevented at all costs, but then ghettos are established by these immigrants. Borders need to closed. Immigration restrictions are paramount, as well as, deportation of undesirables. Extreme vetting procedures and a strict immigration policy is required.

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