The lack of AltRight progress and subsequent destruction will come from within.


If people think that the lack of AltRight progress and that its’ destruction will come from outside of its’ borders – think again.

The difference between a Purity Spiral and merely Policing your own.

If you want to see an excellent example of a movement that didn’t police its’ own and has begun to melt down because of that fact – look no further than the Democrats and left in general.

For years now the way to extricate yourself from the mere followers and become a leader of the left was to do or say something extreme – which to everyone else in the world sounded batshit crazy. The Air Conditioning is sexist, Abortion after birth, Free College + Free Child Minding for my kids while I finish my gender studies degree. All of these kinds of claims and “human rights” being given a platform on CNN or similar news network elevated people above the fray of blue haired, lip ringed idiots who were willing to follow anyone who looked more left wing than themselves.

Now apply these same group dynamics to the AltRight.

Feeling uncomfortable yet?

That’s ok, let’s take a look at a purity spiral.

Feminism is a classic one for this. When Anita Sarkeesian’s crazy views were being aired and she decided to basically tell Germaine Greer she just wasn’t feminazi enough because Germaine didn’t believe in her brand of feminism or even her definition – at the 2015 Festival of Dangerous Ideas – this is merely one example off the top of my head.

Defining things is important. Living up to the definition is far more difficult, and often people will stumble.

If you want to get a good example of someone redefining things at the drop of a hat in the AltRight – one only has to look as far as Richard Spencer. His views on abortion seem to have changed quite dramatically – and the timing seems to line up quite perfectly with toying with the idea of running for congress.

Heil Gate was another one – in one breath Richard tells the press that NPI is a place where we leave all the twitter nonsense behind and present ideas to the public and press. In the next breath he reiterates this point in one of his speeches.

And then the “Heil Trump” and screams of “Pepe” erupt from him later as if throwing the entire thing out the window. As if he didn’t realise that the press would use THAT as the takeaway from the entire conference. Never mind the work put in by dozens of people on presenting data, statistics and analysis. Never mind the weeks of defence afterwards on everyone’s account.

But none of this matter because Richard is followed with fanboy acclaim by the rank and file man-children who are looking for identity. The problem with them is – they haven’t found a WHITE identity, instead they have found an AltRight identity.

The movement is becoming a victim to the very problem it’s trying to solve – the lack of identity among younger people in our communities. As national identity is being stripped away – the last one in a long line of destruction, it’s leaving the void which nature abhors.

The difference here between Mike Enoch’s marriage (which occurred before the AltRight was even a thing) and Heil Gate was – Mike’s marriage didn’t particularly do DAMAGE to the movement. Only fools would think that this was even a problem.


If we want to see real change, if we want to give voice to concerns, lobbying needs to take place. Right now is a perfect time for that. A 10 point plan presented in a 10 minute meeting with Steve Bannon couldn’t be arranged? A presentation on birth rate, the unfairness of mostly whites paying for mostly blacks on welfare, the single motherhood of black ghetto’s leading to more and more unsociable and violent blacks on the street? None of this could happen?

NPI was the perfect vehicle to effect such a policy presentation.

But nooooooo……

No we’re too busy making Pepe meme’s which are great and all, but hardly the actual GOAL of the movement. NPI was a disaster for this very reason, heil-gate was swept under the rug while everyone is worried about Mike Enoch’s QUARTER JEW wife?!


Don’t take it the wrong way – I don’t CARE what the media thinks, nobody should apologise to those asshats, but it should never have happened and certainly neither should all this idiocy over Mike Enoch’s wife.

The problem is – nobody is calling that fact. We cannot seem to recognise our own errors when they occur because people are unwilling to criticize the people leading. This allows the AltRight to be easily led and easily led in the wrong direction – just like the Democrats.

Goals need to be striven for, not just talked about. We cannot be changing principles when it suits us and then worrying about things that aren’t important.

Dr David Duke did a 45 minute talk on this EXACT thing.

“We are in a fight for our survival. We cannot afford to be caught up in these purity spirals, we need to preach principles.”

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