Why basic-bitch conservatism is dead.


Conservatism and Liberalism were two sides of the democratic coin for an age in America. Other western nations often copied the same diametric system in a belief that democracy would work, and that there were standard ideas to be argued and legislated for and against.

In recent decades there has been another influence – that of socialism and communism. People may of course deny it, however this influence has primarily been a product of Jewish influence either at home or from abroad in most western nations. On occasion it has been picked up also by indigenous peoples who were conquered at the outset of those nations – like Australia, Canada and the USA.

This communist influence is what has changed standard liberalism and libertarianism into far more radical groups. Where fringe elements sprang up and wanted extreme change to social, economic and cultural norms, finally metastasizing into groups like Black Lives Matter, La Raza and Antifa.

Most of these changes were anti-democratic and anti-capitalist, culminating in a favor they did us all – Anti-White.

Conservatism is poorly (if at all) equipped to deal with racial matters. It’s very nature is to be politically correct – even if it is its’ own version of political correctness. Try for instance bringing up any kind of race realism – factual or not – at CPAC. You will never see a speaker on this topic.

Conservatives for generations have attempted to dig their heels into the dirt and placate the voters with what they figured they wanted. A middle ground between liberal ideas and conservative ones. However, with these new racially charged groups thrown into the mix who are willing to use violence, intimidation and the power of the social media to pull the conversation further and further left, we now have “conservatives” who openly promote anti-democratic ideas and take part in crony capitalism as a matter of course.

Conservatism is dead, and the only people who cannot seem to grasp this are the conservative assembly themselves. Sure, conservation of social, cultural and political norms is a real and continual process, but those in the conservative movement are not promoting these ideas. They are promoting open borders, amnesty for criminals, gay marriage and miscegenation of all kinds.

If you cannot conserve your racial identity, your culture or your borders, then how can you call yourself a conservative? What exactly are you conserving?

The one bright shining light out of the ashes is the new racially charged landscape, and anyone with half a brain can understand that white people are the engine of the western nation state. They pay an unproportionate amount of taxes and have built these civilisations over many generations.

The main problem we have are taxes, housing and land value and jobs as far as the “basic-bitch” politics is concerned. Of course some other issues are cropping up, like the attacks on our cultures and way of life.

Our taxes are constantly being used to pay for everything from female contraceptives to refugee resettlement and welfare for all of the above.

The cost of buying houses is skyrocketing because of overseas buying which is great for the unionised building industry, the real estate brokers and holders of these hard assets but we’re increasingly finding that having a family is unaffordable.


Jobs – as has been made clear by President Trump – are going overseas or dying out altogether to automation and cheap labor.

These are things that have been the backbone of western nations for over a century, and it is poignant that their destruction is coinciding with out of control national debt and poor management of our nation states in general. Corruption and waste in most western nations seems to be on the rise.

You would of course think that some stalwart of conservatism would step forth and champion these causes, fight these good fights, however nobody has even tried in Australia (or America as far as I can see) in over a decade.

Most are in fact too busy trying to shout down anyone who so much as suggests change as a racist or bigot.

The era is well and truly over for this kind of conservative stupidity. Often the same people calling out for “Muh Constitution” one minute, are calling for “Rule by shadow government” the next.


So much for being principled conservatives.

There are a plethora of statistics and corroboratory evidence to show the links between Race and IQ, job prospects and IQ – and of course crime and IQ.

These are in my view the pinnacle of Alt-Right thinking. They are not refuted – indeed most detractors fear even broaching the subject. These facts are on our side, but do not in fact fix any of the underlying issues.


Merely being aware of lower average IQ in sub saharan Africans won’t fix the crime.

Reminding people of low IQ among Middle Eastern tribes will not increase job prospects.

Also one has to remember that 20% of black people in the USA will still score ABOVE the average white person.

Asians will still do better than ALL other groups.

None of this fixes any of the real world issues however.

Further problems abound by the big tent. Milo Yiannopoulos political demise shows how easily a big tent can be brought down by someone not really espousing the views that are in the best interests of the people being represented. Much like open borders migration, pedophilia is frowned upon by the rank and file voter – and rightly so. It is not in their best interests to have these kinds of conversations – which only happen as a result of the big tent philosophy – a quick dirty unprincipled grab for more votes by pandering to small groups of hangers on.

“Conservatism” in its’ current form needs to die off before the problems of today can be thoroughly researched and begin to be solved. Without a race realist conservative platform – things will not change, they will get worse as more and more power slides to the left and violence overtakes debate as the modus operandi of political struggle.

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