The golden rule of Modernity and Individualism for the AltRight.

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I’m not sure if it’s my age showing or not, but I have certainly noticed this pattern playing out again and again regarding anything to do with modernity.

The inability of the modern to ascribe itself to any of the age-old tried and true rulesets has allowed most movements beset by the curse of modernity to fall prey to an almost sociopathic caricature of its former self.

Take motherhood, the church, politics or relationships generally, you will find within each a “modern” movement that preys upon a particular group which in previous times was defended or nurtured by that particular profession or position in society.

The same is true of “individualism” where instead of sociopathic behavior it has evolved into more a narcissistic behaviors probably due to the lack of group identity in white society. This also affects people of other ethnicities within western civilisation because without a dominant white identity and a minority racial identity – they often seem to fall prey to the same effects.

Let’s take for instance the church. The current Pope has begun to preach “We need more Islam” without any real responsibility being taken by himself or the church at large. Instead this ideal preys upon the taxpayers and citizens of many nations who are affected by the large quantities on Muslims coming into their societies.

Whether by killing or simply living on the tax dollars of others, this is a parasite/host relationship which could be explicitly defined as sociopathic given the vigor and sometimes physical or state violence that accompanies refusal.

There are then 3 reactionary groups that form around the church in order to deal with this split from more traditional doctrine.

  1. The group that wants to adapt or capitulate.
  2. The group that wants to go back to the way things used to be.
  3. The group that wants to split off and have nothing to do with it any longer.

They could be described as “For”, “Against” and “I don’t care anymore” but they seem far more distinctly defined and the group that “wants to go back” is almost always present – it is not merely a group of “Against”. This was true even for Brexit where the group wanting things to go back to the way it was before won out.

This pattern seems to play out time and time again.

The men’s rights movement is another school of thought that has split into 3 reactionary groups that are by and large more accurately defined.

  1. Pick-up Artists
  2. Men’s Rights Activists
  3. Men going their own way

Again these 3 groups form in order to deal with the change in relationships between men and women.

Again with politics too.

  1. Neo-Cons
  2. Basic-bitch Conservatives
  3. Libertarians

Although now oddly enough the Libertarian movement is ALSO splitting in these same groups within its’ own ranks once again. I am not sure if the AltRight has a lot to do with this or not, but certainly the left-leaning Libertarians have begun creating the exodus while a few classic Libertarians hang on with white knuckles to their failing school of thought.

I’m sure you could go through some more groups you know of and find the same pattern playing out to larger or lesser extents.

One group I find to be an exception to all of this is the AltRight. (Of course?)

It neither wants to go back, nor just accept the current schools of thought in politics, and certainly isn’t sitting on the sidelines. It can sometimes I think be considered a subgroup of the political supergroup but that group is so large it tends to shy from this pattern merely by the sheer numbers of people involved.

If you take a look at these groups forming in Religion, Relationships, Motherhood, or Politics (and probably other areas I don’t have listed here) – the AltRight is coming along and taking the best of each of the 3 groups and leaving the rest of the Sociopathy and Narcissism behind. Although, to be fair we sometimes fall prey to these things, they are soon rooted out by the sheer weight of numbers of thoughtful philosophical minds – you can see this in the backlash against things like “white sharia”.

I wanted to point this out in order to illustrate that the fight we’re in here isn’t just a political one. It is against these ideas of modernity and individualism themselves.

By pointing out the obvious flaws in Libertarianism and Individualism you can position the AltRight to be the clear alternative to basic-bitch or neo-con Republicanism.

By pointing out the flaws of MGTOW we can show that a real grassroots traditional alternative is present in the AltRight that PUAs and MRAs cannot create.

Being able to identify these groups and their leanings can help I hope for Alt-Righters to create a narrative that could bring more people over to our movement.

2 thoughts on “The golden rule of Modernity and Individualism for the AltRight.

  1. Men’s rights is also split by anti feminism. This of course has a sub group of anti, non, and women against!

    I’m over the lot of it and think I might just crawl into a box and stay there.

    Good article though. You’re right.

    Jasmin Newman


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    • I tend to agree. I have found to be honest, that the AltRight has since answered many of the questions that the Man-o-sphere used to try to answer for me. The issues I found in the loss of traditional relationships is only one of many issues facing western culture and civilisation, which is why I brought this up in relation to the AltRight – it’s the journey I made and just said “Yes!”

      When you read about the same issues attacking us from economic sources that stop families from forming naturally, the inability to buy a house, the influx of migrants making housing unaffordable.

      The low-trust society coming from the promotion of multicultural ideals. All of this adds to the same issues that the men’s rights movement attributes only to “feminism” in my opinion.

      This is why I wrote this – I see a very natural and rather obvious – way for people to bring people who were MRA’s or MGTOW or even PUA’s on board to the AltRight.


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