The awful Abortion obfuscation going on in the AltRight.


There have been a plethora of stories, podcasts and talks going on about this topic over the past year or so in the AltRight, most of which for some reason or another ends up coming down to numbers.

“If abortion were illegal, there’d be 50% more African Americans than there are today.” Is usually the line the conversation ends with, and everyone then nods wisely figuring the subject was close and a consensus has been met.

However, for some reason or other, nobody suggests that perhaps because of many of the other differences between African Americans and European American racial groups – that perhaps the fallout and cultural decay caused by abortion also has different weight to it.

To be AltRight is to accept certain differences between races and I would argue at least to accept the CONSTRUCT of r/K selection theory – if not the exact science.

When one suggests to me that an r selected racial group is having children 10:1 against a K selection racial group I consider resources, I consider housing, food, education. But what about care? What about the concept of preservation of life at a very basic level? How is the culture effected by this? Do the parents even CARE for their kids or have they at some basic level already admitted some might not survive? Does this effect their overall psychology?

Does the Somali man who has 15 children to 3 different mothers CARE about the preservation of his family? Does the Congolese? The Ethiopian?

Does the Westerner who has 1 child?

Is there a psychological and cultural difference?

What is the fallout of derailing that fatherhood for more nihilistic pursuits vs the fallout of derailing fatherhood for survival?

These are questions that seem lacking in the conversation regarding abortion in the AltRight. If – as many believe – we have a larger cultural heritage, then surely we have more to lose. And certainly much of that cultural and family social fabric is damaged when abortion is seen as a reasonable alternative to parenthood – so therefore is it not MORE damaging to us than to others?

This is not necessarily true of Ghetto Culture any more than African Culture. Are they damaged by it? How so?

The damage to us is GREATER even if the numbers might add up. And the ability of ghetto culture to change into a more sophisticated culture is probably being hindered and thus made more dangerous BECAUSE there is no responsibility necessary for conception.

We often point to the fact that black America had better family cohesion under slavery than it does today. We also point out that during the 40s and 50s African Americans had far greater numbers of fathers in the home. And the decline in that community has clearly made it far more dangerous to EVERYONE.

This is not just a numbers game. We don’t even know what the numbers might BE once the welfare system had to deal with that many more people. Would it collapse? Would we have already defeated the socialist regime in place?

How much of the cultural decline might’ve been avoided had people needed to take responsibility for sex outside of marriage?

“Muh 50 million” is a shit tier argument.

The conversation has not been had. It’s been avoided by people in the AltRight who want to be everything to everyone and it smacks of the same dishonesty we get from politicians today, glossing over the inconvenient truths and questions for the sake of sheer mathematics all the while taking the numbers out of context or just making them up.

The golden rule of Modernity and Individualism for the AltRight.

serveimage (1).jpg

I’m not sure if it’s my age showing or not, but I have certainly noticed this pattern playing out again and again regarding anything to do with modernity.

The inability of the modern to ascribe itself to any of the age-old tried and true rulesets has allowed most movements beset by the curse of modernity to fall prey to an almost sociopathic caricature of its former self.

Take motherhood, the church, politics or relationships generally, you will find within each a “modern” movement that preys upon a particular group which in previous times was defended or nurtured by that particular profession or position in society.

The same is true of “individualism” where instead of sociopathic behavior it has evolved into more a narcissistic behaviors probably due to the lack of group identity in white society. This also affects people of other ethnicities within western civilisation because without a dominant white identity and a minority racial identity – they often seem to fall prey to the same effects.

Let’s take for instance the church. The current Pope has begun to preach “We need more Islam” without any real responsibility being taken by himself or the church at large. Instead this ideal preys upon the taxpayers and citizens of many nations who are affected by the large quantities on Muslims coming into their societies.

Whether by killing or simply living on the tax dollars of others, this is a parasite/host relationship which could be explicitly defined as sociopathic given the vigor and sometimes physical or state violence that accompanies refusal.

There are then 3 reactionary groups that form around the church in order to deal with this split from more traditional doctrine.

  1. The group that wants to adapt or capitulate.
  2. The group that wants to go back to the way things used to be.
  3. The group that wants to split off and have nothing to do with it any longer.

They could be described as “For”, “Against” and “I don’t care anymore” but they seem far more distinctly defined and the group that “wants to go back” is almost always present – it is not merely a group of “Against”. This was true even for Brexit where the group wanting things to go back to the way it was before won out.

This pattern seems to play out time and time again.

The men’s rights movement is another school of thought that has split into 3 reactionary groups that are by and large more accurately defined.

  1. Pick-up Artists
  2. Men’s Rights Activists
  3. Men going their own way

Again these 3 groups form in order to deal with the change in relationships between men and women.

Again with politics too.

  1. Neo-Cons
  2. Basic-bitch Conservatives
  3. Libertarians

Although now oddly enough the Libertarian movement is ALSO splitting in these same groups within its’ own ranks once again. I am not sure if the AltRight has a lot to do with this or not, but certainly the left-leaning Libertarians have begun creating the exodus while a few classic Libertarians hang on with white knuckles to their failing school of thought.

I’m sure you could go through some more groups you know of and find the same pattern playing out to larger or lesser extents.

One group I find to be an exception to all of this is the AltRight. (Of course?)

It neither wants to go back, nor just accept the current schools of thought in politics, and certainly isn’t sitting on the sidelines. It can sometimes I think be considered a subgroup of the political supergroup but that group is so large it tends to shy from this pattern merely by the sheer numbers of people involved.

If you take a look at these groups forming in Religion, Relationships, Motherhood, or Politics (and probably other areas I don’t have listed here) – the AltRight is coming along and taking the best of each of the 3 groups and leaving the rest of the Sociopathy and Narcissism behind. Although, to be fair we sometimes fall prey to these things, they are soon rooted out by the sheer weight of numbers of thoughtful philosophical minds – you can see this in the backlash against things like “white sharia”.

I wanted to point this out in order to illustrate that the fight we’re in here isn’t just a political one. It is against these ideas of modernity and individualism themselves.

By pointing out the obvious flaws in Libertarianism and Individualism you can position the AltRight to be the clear alternative to basic-bitch or neo-con Republicanism.

By pointing out the flaws of MGTOW we can show that a real grassroots traditional alternative is present in the AltRight that PUAs and MRAs cannot create.

Being able to identify these groups and their leanings can help I hope for Alt-Righters to create a narrative that could bring more people over to our movement.

The American MSM and their Syrian Propaganda.

This will be short and to the point.

You are being lied to. This particular lie is on par with the line from 1984 “We have always been at war with East Asia.”

The first time I heard of this problem was around the time the kid was in the back of the Ambulance being photographed by reporters. Truthstream Media did a great video on it here.

(I really do suggest giving her a subscription, as her research is from all I’ve seen better than anything in the MSM).

So once you watch this video it is somewhat damning, as it’s hard to say this is not the same guy who was taking selfies with the guys who beheaded the 12 year old boy – which I think many of us saw the raw footage of on twitter. And that they are ALL being paid by the US government.

The next thing I’d point to is another fairly short video from the Ron Paul Institute which confirms and even goes further to accuse the “White Helmets” of killing, kidnapping, taking hostages and using people as human shields on top of their propaganda tactics. This is all through an independant journalist  who is on the ground in Aleppo.

Keep in mind, this is the same group that they are trying to give a Nobel Peace Prize to.

She also states that nobody from the American MSM has been in Aleppo or Syria that she has seen.

If you head over to youtube or other places on the internet, you merely have to type in “Syria Lies” or “Aleppo Lies” to be greeted with a plethora of information along the same lines.


Please don’t be fooled. Right now Russia, Iran and Syria all have large armies in place in Syria. Russia has just moved nuclear capable missile systems into western Europe and the United States both through actions and rhetoric seem to be bringing us all closer and closer to war.


Is a perfect storm brewing?

serveimage (1).jpg

I’m not sure it would be ridiculous to think we can all feel change on the wind at this point. However, I have to wonder if too many people realise what is going on in the markets and military movements around the world right now.

I’m just going to lay out some points for you to consider. I have not for reasons of making the list far too long, included the plethora of attacks that have occurred as a result of Merkel’s refugee policy. However, the reader should keep those in mind also as a further irritant to all parties.

NATO moves nuclear capable mobile missiles systems into Romania and South Korea including THAAD anti-missile systems.

The US 3rd Fleet move just outside the “border” of the chinese disputed waters in the South China Sea.

Russian and Chinese navies to hold drills in South China Sea in September.

In the past 2 years all bonds in most of the western world have gone from situation normal to 13 trillion US dollars worth of bonds yielding negative returns – pointing at a severe depression on the way.

Russian Stock exchange VASTLY outperforming NYSE even at record highs brought on by infusion of money to the system.

Russia and China buying up record amounts of Gold as reserve.

The illusion of the market – while stocks are rising due to the beginnings of inflation problems – earnings are going down.

Putin responds last month regarding the Mobile Missile Launcher moves in Romania.

Turkey – a long time NATO ally – is caught red-handed supporting ISIS by buying their oil – has meeting with Iranian ayatollah and then undergoes coup – purging all non-conforming military from the armed forces.

Turkey raids NATO base where nukes are stored.

Washington now actively trying to deter Russia, Turkey and Iran from alliance. (This could tell us something about the so-called “coup”).

Sweden announces closing of Border.

Given everything from birth rates to suicide rates among men, and the various other statistics I am sure many people are already familiar with, then add to that the small cracks appearing in the basic social contract we have in our society (police assassinations, presidential candidates caught in frauds and corruption – and nobody cares) – one has to wonder if this isn’t the perfect storm brewing on the horizon. And further, if it isn’t just the soft nihilism our society has been toying with for a long time, finally playing itself out.

Edit: I went from finishing this story to read Zero Hedge and they posted this…I am not the only one to notice.

Will any future POTUS matter (other than starting more wars)?

Cyberwars between the USA and Russia Begin.

Trump Lambasted over Putin ties. This expert on Russia defends Trump’s Questions and is shut down by CNN.

How the media works against Aboriginal Issues.


Back before I had my Guardian account removed, I was an avid reader and commenter (who doesn’t go there for the comments sections?)

In July of last year I read a story that really did shock me, the story of Charlie. A 58 year old aboriginal man who had to have a kidney removed and dialysis three times a week since. He had to sleep rough in the town he was forced to travel to for dialysis because of a lack of services. Charlie ended up dying because he could not get back to his necessary dialysis regime when attending a funeral of a friend in a nearby town.

Charlie’s story.

That story got all of 114 comments on the Guardian front page while it was there for all of a day – it wasn’t a particularly pleasant story or sexy in the least with no specific health minister proclaimed to be at fault.

The very next day the story that of course pushed it off the front page was the terrible and gruesome tale of Adam Goode being “booed” – can you believe it? – while playing football.

A national sporting hero, proclaimed Australian of the year, with money, cars and apartments was “booed”. The sheer humanity of his story made me weep.

The Adam Goodes Story

As Australian of the Year of course it’s debatable what exactly Adam Goodes actually achieved. Indeed, he may have achieved anything he wanted merely by asking the media for a press conference and then presenting some issue or other that Aboriginal Australians were indeed concerned about – as both a national football icon and Australian of the year, they might’ve even turned up MULTIPLE times to spread whatever message he thought important. Who knows, perhaps old Charlie’s name might even have been mentioned?

However, no such press conference ever materialized and Adam Goodes putting the feather in his cap went on to quit football close to a year later after leading the country down a race baiting path that lasted most of that year.

At the time I remember fuming regarding the entire situation – you can indeed still find my diatribes in the comments sections of both stories.

The problem seems very simple. That the media is of course beholden to money. And by this I mean the news advertising time. Even our poor besmirched ABC has changed from the unbiased national broadcaster we are supposed to get, to leaning in towards larger government with a penchant for more spending in order to provide their services.

This creates a problem for Aboriginal people as a whole, because people like Charlie will never get their stories listened to or understood while this imbalance continues – no change will ever occur.

Today’s story regarding Pauline Hanson reminded me of this fact, with Murrandoo Yanner calling Pauline Hanson a racist when she had merely turned up to an art fair to listen to Aboriginal peoples issues.

I even have my own issues with Pauline Hanson as a Senator, I would’ve preferred Kirralie Smith, but we can’t always get what we want either.

Now I put to you that Murrandoo Yanner is an Aboriginal Activist, and like any good media savvy Aboriginal with ideas of bettering his circumstances he’s using the one avenue open to him. He’s taking cheap race baiting shots at Pauline Hanson with the media there – knowing that it’s the story they were really after.

Had she left that art fair without mishap, we would never have even heard about her being there.

Pauline at least has hit back in the best way I could think she could have – by posting a video asking Murrandoo if he has issues to be discussed to sit down with her. Face time with a sitting senator who frankly has been more than accepting of the need to meet the aboriginal needs of Queensland.

Pauline’s Video here.

However, something tells me that with his “job” complete he will not take her up on the offer.

I personally think it’s time for the Aboriginal people to wake up and realise their circumstances are not going to be changed by the Aboriginal Councils (bureaucrats) or headline grabbing race baiting media.


Britain awakens, but can Australia?

An argument for Australian populism.Untitled

During the BREXIT a great deal of misinformation was spread on both sides of the debate, however one thing remained very clear in the rhetoric – it was a vote to decide whether or not globalist concerns would win the British isles. Whether those concerns were to do with education, trade or immigration didn’t seem to matter. It was almost completely dominated by “Globalist” vs “National Interest”.

In answer the British people said no. And as a result, the TTIP will no longer include the British people in its’ broad reaching aims, and the UK will need to create its’ own Free Trade Agreement with mainland Europe and the USA.

As of this week, both Australia and New Zealand have expressed interest to be the first to begin negotiations with Britain for a Free Trade Agreement of their own.

The crux of these circumstances is that it has not effected Britain to not be part of an overarching trade block, nor will it. They will negotiate trade on an ad-hoc basis from now on, with many trade partners and trade blocs as is necessary.

Australia as of February signd the TPP between Pacific nation trading countries along with the USA, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Chile and Mexico.

The TPP it should be pointed out does away with or reduces some 18,000 tariffs.

The obvious concern is for job losses as companies move to countries with the lowest wages and low corporate tax rates. Many already do this with their head offices, allowing them to dodge the Australian corporate tax rates now, as has been brought up ad-nauseum over the past several years.

Right now Donald Trump in the USA is running on a platform which is very openly attacking another such trade deal – NAFTA. This “free trade” agreement has destroyed close to 1 million jobs in America, moving them to other countries where workers are cheaper to procure.

Here in Australia we’ve already gone through a similar problem with Mitsubishi and Toyota moving production back to Japan, slowly cutting back manufacturing year after year until they had closed up altogether.

In January 2015, the car tariffs for Japan came down by another 5% due to “Free Trade” agreements signed off by our federal government in the past. You can read that as “We are now giving them a federal government monetary bonus for taking jobs out of the country.”

Sure, while you might pay a little less for a car, you’re paying a lot more in unemployment and unionised job wages for those effected by these industries shutting down. The immeasurable social costs of the loss of jobs and effects on families cannot even be fathomed.

Malcolm Turnbull appeared today in the National Press Club urging people not to vote for independants and non-aligned 3rd parties, as that might skew the senate and create a hung parliament. However with these kinds of globalist agendas being pushed by both major parties, do people really have a choice but to realise that the EU began as just such an free trade zone agreement?

Aren’t these major parties merely two sides of the same coin?