Is a perfect storm brewing?

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I’m not sure it would be ridiculous to think we can all feel change on the wind at this point. However, I have to wonder if too many people realise what is going on in the markets and military movements around the world right now.

I’m just going to lay out some points for you to consider. I have not for reasons of making the list far too long, included the plethora of attacks that have occurred as a result of Merkel’s refugee policy. However, the reader should keep those in mind also as a further irritant to all parties.

NATO moves nuclear capable mobile missiles systems into Romania and South Korea including THAAD anti-missile systems.

The US 3rd Fleet move just outside the “border” of the chinese disputed waters in the South China Sea.

Russian and Chinese navies to hold drills in South China Sea in September.

In the past 2 years all bonds in most of the western world have gone from situation normal to 13 trillion US dollars worth of bonds yielding negative returns – pointing at a severe depression on the way.

Russian Stock exchange VASTLY outperforming NYSE even at record highs brought on by infusion of money to the system.

Russia and China buying up record amounts of Gold as reserve.

The illusion of the market – while stocks are rising due to the beginnings of inflation problems – earnings are going down.

Putin responds last month regarding the Mobile Missile Launcher moves in Romania.

Turkey – a long time NATO ally – is caught red-handed supporting ISIS by buying their oil – has meeting with Iranian ayatollah and then undergoes coup – purging all non-conforming military from the armed forces.

Turkey raids NATO base where nukes are stored.

Washington now actively trying to deter Russia, Turkey and Iran from alliance. (This could tell us something about the so-called “coup”).

Sweden announces closing of Border.

Given everything from birth rates to suicide rates among men, and the various other statistics I am sure many people are already familiar with, then add to that the small cracks appearing in the basic social contract we have in our society (police assassinations, presidential candidates caught in frauds and corruption – and nobody cares) – one has to wonder if this isn’t the perfect storm brewing on the horizon. And further, if it isn’t just the soft nihilism our society has been toying with for a long time, finally playing itself out.

Edit: I went from finishing this story to read Zero Hedge and they posted this…I am not the only one to notice.

Will any future POTUS matter (other than starting more wars)?

Cyberwars between the USA and Russia Begin.

Trump Lambasted over Putin ties. This expert on Russia defends Trump’s Questions and is shut down by CNN.

How the media works against Aboriginal Issues.


Back before I had my Guardian account removed, I was an avid reader and commenter (who doesn’t go there for the comments sections?)

In July of last year I read a story that really did shock me, the story of Charlie. A 58 year old aboriginal man who had to have a kidney removed and dialysis three times a week since. He had to sleep rough in the town he was forced to travel to for dialysis because of a lack of services. Charlie ended up dying because he could not get back to his necessary dialysis regime when attending a funeral of a friend in a nearby town.

Charlie’s story.

That story got all of 114 comments on the Guardian front page while it was there for all of a day – it wasn’t a particularly pleasant story or sexy in the least with no specific health minister proclaimed to be at fault.

The very next day the story that of course pushed it off the front page was the terrible and gruesome tale of Adam Goode being “booed” – can you believe it? – while playing football.

A national sporting hero, proclaimed Australian of the year, with money, cars and apartments was “booed”. The sheer humanity of his story made me weep.

The Adam Goodes Story

As Australian of the Year of course it’s debatable what exactly Adam Goodes actually achieved. Indeed, he may have achieved anything he wanted merely by asking the media for a press conference and then presenting some issue or other that Aboriginal Australians were indeed concerned about – as both a national football icon and Australian of the year, they might’ve even turned up MULTIPLE times to spread whatever message he thought important. Who knows, perhaps old Charlie’s name might even have been mentioned?

However, no such press conference ever materialized and Adam Goodes putting the feather in his cap went on to quit football close to a year later after leading the country down a race baiting path that lasted most of that year.

At the time I remember fuming regarding the entire situation – you can indeed still find my diatribes in the comments sections of both stories.

The problem seems very simple. That the media is of course beholden to money. And by this I mean the news advertising time. Even our poor besmirched ABC has changed from the unbiased national broadcaster we are supposed to get, to leaning in towards larger government with a penchant for more spending in order to provide their services.

This creates a problem for Aboriginal people as a whole, because people like Charlie will never get their stories listened to or understood while this imbalance continues – no change will ever occur.

Today’s story regarding Pauline Hanson reminded me of this fact, with Murrandoo Yanner calling Pauline Hanson a racist when she had merely turned up to an art fair to listen to Aboriginal peoples issues.

I even have my own issues with Pauline Hanson as a Senator, I would’ve preferred Kirralie Smith, but we can’t always get what we want either.

Now I put to you that Murrandoo Yanner is an Aboriginal Activist, and like any good media savvy Aboriginal with ideas of bettering his circumstances he’s using the one avenue open to him. He’s taking cheap race baiting shots at Pauline Hanson with the media there – knowing that it’s the story they were really after.

Had she left that art fair without mishap, we would never have even heard about her being there.

Pauline at least has hit back in the best way I could think she could have – by posting a video asking Murrandoo if he has issues to be discussed to sit down with her. Face time with a sitting senator who frankly has been more than accepting of the need to meet the aboriginal needs of Queensland.

Pauline’s Video here.

However, something tells me that with his “job” complete he will not take her up on the offer.

I personally think it’s time for the Aboriginal people to wake up and realise their circumstances are not going to be changed by the Aboriginal Councils (bureaucrats) or headline grabbing race baiting media.


Britain awakens, but can Australia?

An argument for Australian populism.Untitled

During the BREXIT a great deal of misinformation was spread on both sides of the debate, however one thing remained very clear in the rhetoric – it was a vote to decide whether or not globalist concerns would win the British isles. Whether those concerns were to do with education, trade or immigration didn’t seem to matter. It was almost completely dominated by “Globalist” vs “National Interest”.

In answer the British people said no. And as a result, the TTIP will no longer include the British people in its’ broad reaching aims, and the UK will need to create its’ own Free Trade Agreement with mainland Europe and the USA.

As of this week, both Australia and New Zealand have expressed interest to be the first to begin negotiations with Britain for a Free Trade Agreement of their own.

The crux of these circumstances is that it has not effected Britain to not be part of an overarching trade block, nor will it. They will negotiate trade on an ad-hoc basis from now on, with many trade partners and trade blocs as is necessary.

Australia as of February signd the TPP between Pacific nation trading countries along with the USA, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Chile and Mexico.

The TPP it should be pointed out does away with or reduces some 18,000 tariffs.

The obvious concern is for job losses as companies move to countries with the lowest wages and low corporate tax rates. Many already do this with their head offices, allowing them to dodge the Australian corporate tax rates now, as has been brought up ad-nauseum over the past several years.

Right now Donald Trump in the USA is running on a platform which is very openly attacking another such trade deal – NAFTA. This “free trade” agreement has destroyed close to 1 million jobs in America, moving them to other countries where workers are cheaper to procure.

Here in Australia we’ve already gone through a similar problem with Mitsubishi and Toyota moving production back to Japan, slowly cutting back manufacturing year after year until they had closed up altogether.

In January 2015, the car tariffs for Japan came down by another 5% due to “Free Trade” agreements signed off by our federal government in the past. You can read that as “We are now giving them a federal government monetary bonus for taking jobs out of the country.”

Sure, while you might pay a little less for a car, you’re paying a lot more in unemployment and unionised job wages for those effected by these industries shutting down. The immeasurable social costs of the loss of jobs and effects on families cannot even be fathomed.

Malcolm Turnbull appeared today in the National Press Club urging people not to vote for independants and non-aligned 3rd parties, as that might skew the senate and create a hung parliament. However with these kinds of globalist agendas being pushed by both major parties, do people really have a choice but to realise that the EU began as just such an free trade zone agreement?

Aren’t these major parties merely two sides of the same coin?

Hillary Clinton’s Hall of Faces.


Apart from the more obvious issues Hillary has in the current campaign, like her email scandal, her Clinton Foundation scandal and various and sundry others (there’s literally too many to list) she has a huge perception problem.

Say what you like about Donald Trump, but he loves America. Noone is in doubt of this are they? Even people like Bryan Cranston are on the record saying that. Trump might say many things that people don’t like, but he does so with the dead certainty of a man who has thought about the big picture and doesn’t care about a few sentences that might be out of whack.

“Lead me, Follow me, or get out of my way.” – George S. Patton

Donald Trump is on record back as far as 1980 saying exactly the same things he’s saying right now. He’s tired of seeing other countries ripping America off, he wants someone as president who can do the job properly. It’s a very simple idea, one that has been thrown on the heap labelled “Naivety” by the political hegemony for decades.

Making America “Great” cannot be done by someone who doesn’t love America. There’s not going to be the sudden and blindingly intuitive political move by Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton or their ilk that would bring about such an outcome. All they could possibly do is change a few hundred billion dollars from one ledger to another and crow about it for 8 years.

Although I absolutely disagree with the ideas of socialism or the idea that statism can work, Bernie Sanders is right about one thing – Revolution is required to make real change. Obama promised it, but was at heart one of the established candidates. Like branding a bowl of oatmeal “caviar” and thinking that would assuage the craving.

American “greatness” might be a subjective reality, but it can still be one shared by Americans. Certainly their “not-so-greatness” is also a shared reality at the moment.

:“Men did not love Rome because she was great.

She was great because they had loved her.” – G.K. Chesterton.

This is the reality I think that many in the NeverTrump movement do not care about at all. Most of them object to Donald Trump not because he’s not pro-Israel (which he is), but because he isn’t unquestioningly so.

Many of them seem not so interested in the history of Donald Trump’s statements nor his stands on many issues, but in the fact that he hasn’t adhere’d to the neocon philosophy that both parties usually aspire to.

Hillary Clinton is probably far more in line with their ways of thinking than either Bernie Sanders or Trump. And this my friends is the Crux of it.

Hillary Clinton only cares about Hillary Clinton.

Even staunch Democrat voters like John Stewart have said that her main problem is that she has no real convictions. Other pundits have commented upon how far left Bernie Sanders had dragged her policies.

This of course is only really possible if you don’t have convictions about what those policies should be.

The Democratic party has been leaning further and further left over the decades to the point where we’re now discussing bathroom privledge as it applies to the 0.000002% of people who might have issues of this kind – Hillary has made the long trek to this point from started out working for people in the Democrats who were in FAVOUR of racial segregation.

This is someone who has no real convictions.

Could anything be more glaring than her recent bridge building to Bush Donors?

“Their message to moderate Republicans: She will represent your values better than Trump.”

And while those in #NeverTrump might say

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

I’d remind people that

“If you have none you’re already there.”

Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

Basic Economics. Probably the cornerstone of western civilisation in many respects these days, as to follow one’s own path requires a person to deal with it.

If during your trip to the shop you paid too much or too little, someone has probably committed a crime. So, we know, when we go to the shop to pay the exact amount the particular item we needed or wanted is worth – including the perception of what it’s worth.

This is why it’s called BASIC economics. In fact this is merely the starting point of basic economics. Hint: the rest of the subject is just as basic.

It is unfortunate therefore that so many people cannot understand why paying nothing for something intrinsically devalues that particular item of value. In fact it also devalues all of the work that goes into making it. All of the labor and creativity – fundamentally worthless.

If one were to start in a capitalist society, it might well take years – even decades – to devalue the item in question, however in the end the outcome is fixed.

This is the basic problem with the Soviet Economy, there was only one time a particular good was worth something – when it was hard to get. So, it became a game for people in power to withhold goods and services knowing they could dole them out piecemeal in order to raise their value. Everything was valueless unless there was a shortage. (This is a simplified explanation).

In basic terms this means that people stop caring if they are producing a reasonable quality of the good or service or not.

The realisation of this, is at least part of the reason for the Chinese Socialist government to embrace open market trading of stocks, in order to produce economic strength through these shortages and produce more growth overall.

At present they want the free market growth, but not the risk – and at some point they will either need to decide to run with it and take the risk or lose the growth by hampering the markets through their overabundance of regulation.

The Chinese market has just left a period of fluctuation, the reason for this was the regulation on the kinds of companies people are allowed to invest in. Occasionally the government deregulates part of their economy. This creates a huge amount of speculation on the market which then normalises after a year or so. Every time it happens everyone thinks the economy is crashing, and indeed, the belief that it is could bring it about if they aren’t careful.

This is a far cry from the theories of Frederick Engels “Formula for Capital”. Where Engels espouses his Marxist philosophical ideals in full and devalues investment in everything and anything – including the individual.

This is how a chimney sweep gets paid the same as a Doctor or a Sailor, this is a good thing in his views because time is worth the same for everyone, and therefore the output derived from a persons’ time is worth the same. The flaws here are numerous and obvious even to the casual observer. Where does the Doctor get recompense for his time spent in University? Where does the sailor get paid for the risks of the seas ?

Unfortunately, this is not a question to be asked these days.

Today, the Marxism Conference starts in Melbourne (I pause to laugh as tickets are on sale for the event) to be hosted by the University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts.

I have to wonder at where it all went wrong for western society, as thoughtful questioning human beings seem to be more and more rare. I can only surmise that we have allowed so many of the pillars of society to be pulled down, that it has created a social and political vacuum that is being filled by the loudest voices. No matter how distraught, unintelligible or downright intellectually dishonest.

Attempting to fix the problem seems to be a struggle in itself of epic proportions. Everyone wants to change things, but nobody wants to change as per usual.

To be honest, the system is far too far gone for even a Trump to really change things for the better. He’d have to get in and rip the still beating heart out of the university system and feminism both (I will lay odds that guy came from a single mother household – his contempt for an actual rational perspective and for other men speaks to his barely concealed femininity.)

In order to fix the problem we have to study a time when the problem didn’t exist or where there were enough checks and balances that the problem was manageable.

We’ve torn down men, the church, rational political discourse and objectivity.

If unsure of your identity when you’re young, you often find yourself just following the crowd. This unsure person has their identity seated in their own ego, an ego so weak that it can’t even self-define. It has to look for constant third party validation.

Once upon a time, a young person could count on a Father to provide this role, failing this, the Church, Academia, the Army or even rational Political Discourse – all of these bodies could pose the questions to give oneself pause to reflect on basic questions of right and wrong. These bodies could also be relied upon to provide reasoning for and an authoritative stand for moral and ethical values that anybody could aspire to.

Taking a good look around the only one that still seems to offer is the Armed Forces – and then only if you’re willing to fight side by side with women who – so obviously – are going to put you at greater risk. And you’re willing to die when commanded to, by people who frankly should be far below you on the pecking order.

So what is filling this vacuum?


Every baldfaced lie and bad idea we, the human race, has ever come up with and over a period of time (sometimes hundreds of years) discarded.

I don’t see any amount of Trump-ism fixing the real problem without first removing it from our institutions root and branch.

But, then, replace it with what?

Nature abhors a vacuum.