Is a perfect storm brewing?

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I’m not sure it would be ridiculous to think we can all feel change on the wind at this point. However, I have to wonder if too many people realise what is going on in the markets and military movements around the world right now.

I’m just going to lay out some points for you to consider. I have not for reasons of making the list far too long, included the plethora of attacks that have occurred as a result of Merkel’s refugee policy. However, the reader should keep those in mind also as a further irritant to all parties.

NATO moves nuclear capable mobile missiles systems into Romania and South Korea including THAAD anti-missile systems.

The US 3rd Fleet move just outside the “border” of the chinese disputed waters in the South China Sea.

Russian and Chinese navies to hold drills in South China Sea in September.

In the past 2 years all bonds in most of the western world have gone from situation normal to 13 trillion US dollars worth of bonds yielding negative returns – pointing at a severe depression on the way.

Russian Stock exchange VASTLY outperforming NYSE even at record highs brought on by infusion of money to the system.

Russia and China buying up record amounts of Gold as reserve.

The illusion of the market – while stocks are rising due to the beginnings of inflation problems – earnings are going down.

Putin responds last month regarding the Mobile Missile Launcher moves in Romania.

Turkey – a long time NATO ally – is caught red-handed supporting ISIS by buying their oil – has meeting with Iranian ayatollah and then undergoes coup – purging all non-conforming military from the armed forces.

Turkey raids NATO base where nukes are stored.

Washington now actively trying to deter Russia, Turkey and Iran from alliance. (This could tell us something about the so-called “coup”).

Sweden announces closing of Border.

Given¬†everything from birth rates to suicide rates among men, and the various other statistics I am sure many people are already familiar with, then add to that the small cracks appearing in the basic social contract we have in our society (police assassinations, presidential candidates caught in frauds and corruption – and nobody cares) – one has to wonder if this isn’t the perfect storm brewing on the horizon. And further, if it isn’t just the soft nihilism our society has been toying with for a long time, finally playing itself out.

Edit: I went from finishing this story to read Zero Hedge and they posted this…I am not the only one to notice.

Will any future POTUS matter (other than starting more wars)?

Cyberwars between the USA and Russia Begin.

Trump Lambasted over Putin ties. This expert on Russia defends Trump’s Questions and is shut down by CNN.

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